It’s days like this I get the inspiration to share what God has laid upon my heart.

So with that said, let’s talk about faith.
It’s one of hardest of the three important things that remain, but that’s because it’s requires jumping into the unknown and trusting what we cannot see.
I believe this is because we view faith as something we give up-being our perceived control over the future. What if we thought of it as it truly is, remembering and believing in God’s promises?
Doesn’t that sound sweeter? More welcoming? Easier?
Well that’s because it is!
God is the creator of the universe, the first and the last, the beginning and the end- and He has promised us amazing and beautiful things.
In fact, He has already delivered on one of those promises… Jesus gave His life so we could have an eternity of blessings with God. If that’s not the biggest down payment of trust then I don’t know what is!

I urge you to not forget what kind of God we serve. He is kind, loving, and incredibly trustworthy. If He has promised you something then surely it will come to pass. I know first hand, how frustrating the wait can be but take satisfaction in knowing that He is preparing everything for you so when you receive your promises you are perfectly ready for them.

Have faith friend! God always keeps His Promises!


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