Release into the unknown,

The pressure that’s been building for so long. 

I feel the weight, the burden, the pain 

I need to release but fear it in vain.

That voice still small still calls me there,

My heart longs to follow but fears a snare.

I open my mouth to scream and shout,

But I choke on my words nothing comes out. 

I pray for release of my words,

I pray for hope to spread your word.

To speak your name,

To spread your peace,

To heal the hurt,

To save the weak,

To break the silence,

To spread the light,

To light that candle,

In the dead of night,

I hear you calling,

I feel you near.

I’m screaming for help Lord,

Please rebuke this fear.

I claim your goodness ,

I claim your hope,

I claim your passion,

I claim release of this rope.

Let your mercy shower upon me,

Let your grace flow,

Let your words rush out of this pen,

Let your child be bold!


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