Do You Really Want God’s Will?


A question was posed to me earlier today: Do you really want God’s will more than you want your will?

This question stunned me. It cut deep down into the ground of my cloudy heart. Truth be told, my desires lately have been stronger than my want for God’s will for my life. I have been so distracted watching everyone around me experiencing amazing life changes while mine has stood stagnant and unchanging. It’s been really hard watching time pass me by and it really hurts. Seeing everyone get married, having babies, and getting promotions has really made me feel like if I worked harder here or there I could make these things happen on my own…

But that’s just it. I can’t make anything happen on my own, especially since I have asked God for His will for my life. Since I have asked Him to use me for His kingdom and I told Him I was ready for His plans. I guess, I had no idea what I was praying for!

Asking for His will is asking God to do things His way in your life so you become the person  He meant for you to be. While He will take you down a frustratingly long path riddled with rocks and obstacles, you will have everything you need when you get there. Your character will be strong enough, the location will perfect, the people will be ready for you, and the desires of your heart will be fulfilled in the most lasting way possible.

So friend, let me ask you a question: Do you really want God’s will more than you want your will?

If so, why are you so weary? You know He will do everything in the perfect time all you need is to have faith. In the meantime, there are Kingdom things that need to be done and He is working them through you!

And if not, I challenge you to really enter into prayer and talk with God. Ask Him what He wants of you and what He wants for you.

I pray that God will bless you with clear direction and guidance. That He will give you endurance for the long haul and faith that your heart’s desires will be fulfilled.


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