On the Hard Days

You know those days… The ones where you feel like your hope is waning and your faith is failing. The days when you feel too weak to pray. Those days are the worst, the hardest, and yet they are so important in the shaping of your faith.

Being a believer does not guarantee sunny, happy days everyday. If it did why would we want to leave this place? What would we need to believe in? How would we ever come to the end of ourselves?

I say that these days are the most important because these are the times when we have hit rock bottom and the end of our abilities and God is able to show us true His glory. He is able to come to the rescue and swoop us up in His amazing love and peace.

Even though we know the truth, it is still hard to apply it to our the hard days. For some reason  it feels so far away and unattainable for our already worn out souls. On days like this all I can whisper is Jesus. Sometimes over and over, sometimes while weeping, sometimes until I fall asleep.

Do you know what happens?

Peace. Hope. Clarity.

Even though it is a simple prayer it is the most important, because there is just so much power in the name of Jesus and these are the days that God uses to remind us of that.


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