Focus on Him


It’s something so simple yet so detrimental to the way our lives run and the outcome of who we become. It gets us to goals, it gains us success, and it even helps us survive.
What we focus on drives us to the end we desire, so why is so little of our focus on God?

We want a better life so we focus in school to get a degree, we focus on work so we get a promotion, we focus on finding a partner so we can have love and make a family. While leaving so little time to actually focus on God.

We complain about running an impossible rat race, get angry when we feel like we’re going nowhere and then blame God for not delivering on His promises…

God can’t deliver on His promise in your life because you aren’t doing what He has first asked of you-“seek first the kingdom of God above all else and He will give you everything you need.” Luke 12:31

Yes you want a better life, more money, and a family-there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! God wants that for you too! But focusing on those things will only make you run an impossible and exhausting rat race. Where as if you put God first and focus on building your relationship, then those desires of your heart will fall into place with little to no effort.

I’ll say this again, your focus drives you to the end you desire, so why are you focusing so little on God? Especially since you want to dwell in the Kingdom in Heaven when all this is done.


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