Forgiveness: The Hardest Test


Have you noticed when reading the Bible that God does not request much of us. He only asks us to do a few simple things and yet we constantly struggle with those. One of which is I believe is the hardest: forgiveness.

For some reason it is so hard to turn the other cheek and forgive, whether it be a person or a group of people. We feel a need to retaliate and punish those who have wronged us by being angry with them and holding grudges. That is the natural reaction our brains have in order to make sure we don’t get hurt again. A sort of self preservation. However, God asks us to forgive, plain and simple. No what ifs, ands, or buts about it.

So how do we forgive what we believe to be the unforgiveable?
Believe there is no such thing.
God forgave us for every single unimaginable sin that humans have done and will continue to do. His son died for our sins to be washed away!
If anyone has a right to hold a grudge it is God, but He didn’t, He doesn’t, and He won’t.
That is because God is love and with true unconditional love, forgiveness is one of the characteristics.

When you understand that and see it to be true even in your own life, I believe you will change in how you view situations. Things that used to carry steam bringing anger are no longer as big a deal and you will find more patience.

I pray that you would release whoever has hurt you or upset or simply done wrong by you. I pray that you would forgive them as God has forgiven us.
May peace be among you, in the blessed name of Jesus amen.


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