Turn I’m stressed into I’m Blessed


Like anyone, I have alot going on. My days are filled with meetings, crazy schedules, promises, prayers and much much more. In trying to balance all I have to do I am constantly flung crises, problems and other obstacles which add to the chaos of my life.
I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit I am stressed. In fact I tell everyone I can all the time as if it were a part of my personality or even my name. But the funny thing is, it’s not. Actually I am very blessed. For some reason it so hard to remember and accept that. It’s hard to see the glorious big picture, especially when there so much mess and stress in the details placed right in front of us.
Only when we take a couple steps back can we truly see how the messy details turn into a brilliant picture.
The same works for our lives, yes it may be overwhelming with day to day craziness that is stressful but it is also filled from the beginning to the end with overwhelming blessings!
So instead of constantly saying I’m stressed I plan to boldly proclaim I’m blessed. I will declare it to everyone all the time!

Image credit: http://www.reflectionsforliving.com/panel/img_sub/gn20141105024024.jpg


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