Missing Out Because of Fear


Fear is a powerful emotion. It can be so strong sometimes that it is paralyzing.
The enemy uses fear to distract us and keep us from where God wants us to go. Which in turn can make us miss our blessings!
Recently I heard a song, that helped me to realize how insignificant fear was next to God. The song was “Oh Fear (My God is Near)” by Moriah Peters. Before I started listening to the song I was sitting on the floor staring at news  that felt so heavy I thought I was going to melt right into the floor. I felt totally and utterly hopeless, not wanting to move or even breathe.
Then I had a tiny thought to listen to some worship music to lighten my mood. I googled Moriah Peters since I am such a huge fan of “Brave” and saw this song.
The moment I put my headphones on I jumped up and starting dancing, throwing my hands up and swirling.
I felt like a dark spell had been broken over me and I felt…joy.
There was a line in her song that really struck a few chords in my soul and I sing them even to this day whenever I am facing something I and fearful or anxious about. It goes:
These are the moments I feel courageous. God is with me, I can face this.

Today I encourage you to push through the fear. Believe that God is bigger than anything you are facing!

Want to listen to the song?
Check it out here!


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